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4 Must-Know Signs Of Engine Problems

If there is one component of a vehicle that is extremely important, it is without a doubt the engine. After all, the engine is entirely responsible for providing the vehicle with the power it requires to move and operate. As a result, any damage to the engine or its components will have an immediate negative impact on how the vehicle performs in some way.

1. Check Engine Light

When it comes to spotting problems in your vehicle before they get too serious, your best friend will be the check engine light. It indicates problems with the engine or other important parts. Make sure to visit a repair shop ASAP if it is blinking - it means that there is a very serious problem.

2. Grinding Noise

Weird noises are never a good sign. Grinding from the engine bay is a very bad one. It can be caused by loose parts, blown cylinders, forgotten nuts or bolts, and a lot more. The noise is unmissable and will probably be accompanied by some of the other symptoms on the list - make sure to take care of the issue before doing anything else.

3. Poor Performance

Whatever the problem is, your performance will take a hit, even if it's as small as an oil leak. Lowered RPMs and increased fuel consumption point to underlying engine problems. If you are also losing oil pressure, it means even worse news: a big leak or crack can be present.

4. Takes Too Long To Start

Having problems with the ignition? Maybe the problem isn't the ignition but the engine itself. A variety of things can go wrong and result in a bad or no start. Some are smaller, and others can be quite serious, like needing electrical repairs. While most of the time, a repair shop visit is advised, just to make sure the problem won't escalate.

Engine Repairs In Walnut Creek, CA!

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