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5 Car Things to Take Care of This Fall

Now that it's fall, there's specific car maintenance that you need to get done. Fall can bring rain showers, fog, and even ice. Also, the sun will set a lot sooner, meaning you'll need a good set of lights to see in the dark. With all these new obstacles, you need to fix up your vehicle to ensure you're driving safely. We've put together this list of 5 items that you should take care of this fall!

#1: Tires

Because of the weather changes, it is so imperative to have your tires checked out. Your tires need to have proper tread to be able to grip the road surface appropriately. Furthermore, they need to be at their correct tire pressure.

#2: Fluids

A key thing you should do every season is top off your essential fluids to ensure the proper function of your vehicle's systems. These vital fluids include engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering, windshield wiper fluid, etc. The technicians at Central Automotive can also help you check for leaks.

#3: Windshield Wipers

For maximum visibility, you'll need a dependable and effective pair of windshield wiper blades. Your wipers should not streak, smear, or skip on your windshield, so be sure to test them out at the start of the season.

#4: Lights

As mentioned earlier, you may find yourself leaving work in the evening in complete darkness. You'll need a good set of brightly lit headlights to ensure you can see the road at night. At Central Automotive, we can test all your vehicle lights, including your brake lights, fog lights, signal lights, hazards, and more.

#5: Heater and Defroster

The temperature will decrease in the upcoming months, which means you're going to make the transition from A/C to heat! Not only will you need to crank up the heat to make your drive more comfortable, but you'll also need your defroster function to work as well.


You need to put your car first this season, especially with the holidays coming up! More and more people will be out on the roads, so you need to make your vehicle as safe as possible. If you need any of these maintenance items taken care of, please come by Central Automotive today!

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