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Basic Maintenance Tips That Everyone Should Follow

Proper maintenance for your vehicle can extend the life of the vehicle beyond its already durable parts. Furthermore, it helps you maintain the value of your car, so you can trade it in or resell it later. That is why following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is the minimum of what you should be doing to make your automobile last. We’re here to offer our tips and best practices when it comes to taking care of your vehicle.

Tip #1: Read the Manual

The owner’s handbook contains everything you need to know about your vehicle’s specific make/model. Yet, so many people neglect to read it let alone skim it. Some people even throw it out! They are great references to find your maintenance history, recommended service intervals, and specifications for the kind of motor oil or brake fluid you need. Use it to upkeep your car, SUV, or truck.

Tip #2: Follow the Schedule

Speaking of the maintenance schedule, you should never miss it or skip it. These services do more than keep your vehicle healthy, they can protect you from unwanted repairs. Sometimes, your vehicle's manufacturer may require you to follow this schedule to keep your vehicle’s warranty valid.

Tip #3: Don’t Cheap Out

You shouldn’t cheap out on repairs, especially on any replacement parts. There are many different types of fluids, filters, bulbs, and tires on the market. And various brands make them too! You should always go with what your automaker tells you to. 

Tip #4: Explore Options Than Dealership Service

Last but not least, you shouldn’t settle for the dealership. Most people tend to think that in order to keep their warranty, they have to bring their vehicle to the dealership for service. However, that is not the case! As a consumer, you can freely shop around and get services elsewhere. In fact, many independent shops offer better quality service at better prices. 

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