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Do My Driving Habits Affect My Maintenance Schedule?

If you drive your vehicle more often in the city and brake hard, you might notice that your car is subject to more wear and tear. So you would need to have services performed more often to keep your car in good condition. Your car needs oil changes, tire rotations, brake maintenance, and a lot more.

Let's dig in for more information.

Driving Habits And Required Maintenance

If you are driving more often around the city, it's wise to focus on the maintenance of your car.

Consider the following:

  • It's possible that you would be cold starting your car that can affect its lifespan. It's important that you let the engine warm-up.

  • You might not be using the parking brake when you are parking your vehicle. There is a reason why it's in your car. Your car is subject to wear and tear if you are not using it. In the same way, you have to deactivate the parking brake when you start to drive. You don't want to damage the rotors of your brake, right!

  • If you are using hard brakes then it won't be ideal for the car brake disc and rotors. In the same way, sudden acceleration can impact the efficiency of your car.

  • If you want the engine to remain cool, it would be best to keep the tank full rather than filling up the tank in small amounts to avoid some cost. When it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle, you should focus on the long-term benefits.

  • If you are not changing the oil of your car just to avoid the cost then that's another issue. Your car needs an oil change for better performance. You might be taking several short trips of less than 5 miles that's not letting the vehicle reach its maximum efficiency. You have to see the owner's manual instructions to see when your car needs an oil change. In the same way, you should focus on tire rotations and brake maintenance.

You should focus on your car maintenance! If you need car maintenance performed, give our auto repair shop a call today.

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