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How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Is your driving style to blame for costly vehicle repair bills and excessive fuel consumption? Unfortunately, poor driving habits can wreak havoc with your vehicle, as well as result in very low mpg. Read on to discover the bad driving practices that could be aging your car or truck prematurely, in addition to increasing its running costs.

Misusing the brakes

Frequent, heavy braking, or riding the brakes rather than using a lower gear when your vehicle is traveling down a hill both lead to faster brake pad wear. It may also mean that you're accelerating faster than you need to. Rapid acceleration doesn't just burn more fuel, it also increases engine stress, meaning malfunction (followed by a repair bill) is more likely.

Choppy driving

Fast acceleration followed by hard braking is an inefficient way of driving that burns fuel unnecessarily. It also results in a jerky driving experience that is uncomfortable for passengers. Smooth acceleration and gentle, sustained braking is the way to get the most from your vehicle.

Pulling off too fast and hard

If the vehicle has been stationary for a few hours, it takes a few moments for the engine oil to fully circulate through the engine. Not allowing the engine to idle for a minute or two before driving away (especially if you accelerate heavily) means that some components won't be properly lubricated, increasing the risk of deterioration.

Ignoring warning lights, sounds, or noises

Unfortunately, ignoring a mechanical problem won't make it go away. What it will do is increase the chances of total engine failure. If not addressed, the problem indicated by a warning light may also result in widespread damage to your engine, which will be costly to fix. Why risk it? If you see a warning light, get it checked out!

Adopting good driving habits can save you money and prolong the life of your vehicle - what's not to like? Improve your driving style now and see the difference it makes.

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