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How to Diagnose a Head Gasket Leak

A head gasket is a portion of your engine that you can locate between the cylinder head and engine block. It is a barrier that helps stop engine fluids from being leaked into the cylinders. Due to its placement, a head gasket is often exposed to extremely high temperatures. The most common damage that can occur to the head gasket is a leak. The temperatures can cause marks on the gasket's surface, causing what's known as a blown gasket.


There are various signs and symptoms to look for if you suspect a head gasket leak. It may be as apparent as you may look for the leaks yourselves. You can also examine your exhaust fumes to trace them back to your head gasket. To do this, you should start your car. And if you notice a whitish-gray or blue vapor coming out of your exhaust, then it's probably a gasket leak. Any form of unusual smoke is never a good sign because it's also a common sign of engine overheating. 


Another sign to look for is the discoloration of fluids which happens when liquids accidentally mix together. Each of your essential fluids has a designated location and tank, and they should never come into contact with each other. The last way you can know for certain if you have a head gasket leak is if you see leaking coolant on the gasket cover. 


If your car hasn't been running right for you lately, you should definitely get it checked out. If your vehicle has been exemplifying signs of a head gasket leak or blown head gasket, then you should take it to Central Automotive immediately. We invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today for all your automotive maintenance and repair needs.

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