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Is It Safe to Switch From Conventional Oil to Synthetic Oil?

More than half of vehicles on the road today utilize synthetic motor oil. So, does that make synthetic oil better for your car and its engine? Also, why are some people still using the traditional lubricant? Some people are used to one thing and find it hard to make little changes to their car. Today, we will talk about the different types of oil and whether it is safe to switch from one to the other.

Conventional oil is a product of crude oil that is refined to use in vehicles. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is created in a lab. Because it is engineered, synthetic oil is more consistent in formula and has additives. Both motor oil can minimize the wear and tear on your engine components. 

Synthetic oil is thinner and can somewhat protect the engine better. It has additives that offer benefits, including:

  • Less evaporation
  • Better fuel economy
  • Sludge resistant
  • Reduced oxidation
  • Perform better in cold weather

A major setback of a conventional oil is its track record of thickening up and getting sludgy from high heat in the engine. We’d have to say that the biggest advantage of synthetic oil is its lasting power. Because of synthetic oil, many drivers have ditched the 3,000-miles oil interval. Therefore, they can reduce the cost of paying for an oil change multiple times a year by paying for the cost of synthetic oil up-front. 

So, Is It Safe to Switch?

It was once a myth that you shouldn’t switch between mineral and synthetic oil due to the possibility of leaks. And it even held in the early stages of the development of synthetic oil. Nowadays, synthetic oil has been tested and re-engineered to be safe on delicate seals.

As long as you have a healthy engine, you should be safe to use any oil that you choose. You can even mix oils of the same weight. Instead of mixing and matching, you also have the option to use semi-synthetic oil or synthetic blends, which offer the benefits of both types of motor oil. In fact, most people use synthetic blends for a couple of oil changes to safely transition the motor from conventional to full-synthetic oil. 

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