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What Tools do I Need to Check My Tire Pressure?

Checking your car tire pressure is one of the most important things to do before driving off. This is because the wrong pressure in tires could lead to your car tires wearing more than usual.

The are two main tools needed in order to check your car tire pressure

  1. tire pressure gauge
  2. air compressor

Tire pressure gauge

A tire pressure gauge is also known as a pencil gauge, this tool can help you check your tire pressure and it is very affordable. Another type of pressure gauge is known as a digital gauge and it's a good choice as it is simple to read. Other pressure gauges are analogue and digital, they work by being attached to an air pressure compressor hose which allows you to not only check the pressure of your tires but also inflate your car tires at the same time.

Air compressor

You'll usually find air compressors at gas stations. You could also get yourself a portable air compressor that can be plugged into the 12-volt auxiliary power outlet. However with this one you must make sure that the air hose reaches all four tires of your car.

How to check the tire pressure

Once you have gotten yourself the desired tools, you must of course know how to check the tire pressure. The steps are simple:

  1. Find out the recommended pounds per square inch( PSI) for your car tires. This can be found on a sticker on the driver's side door jamb.
  2. Remove the tires valve cap you do this by unscrewing the cap on the tire air valve.
  3. Now you will press your gauge onto the tire air valve, make sure to press it hard as this will create a seal around the tire air valve preventing the release of any air from the tire.
  4. fill up your tires if need be. You will do this by pressing the air compressor nozzle on to the air valve of your car tires.

The wrong tire pressure could lead to lower gas mileage and it could impact badly and negatively on your vehicle's handling. So, if you need tire repair or service we invite you to bring your vehicle to Central Automotive Service Center today!

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